About Us


Police Union of Serbia (PSS) is a non-profit organization that represents interests of all employees in the Ministry of Interior of Serbian Government.   Our mission is to protect and secure members’ rights and benefits through effective representation and professional relationships with the community and local and national governments.

Our trade union is also participating and following recent research and studies in different fields concerning police work, and it wishes to advance the social, professional, economic, cultural and sanitary concerns of all employees operating in the field of internal security.

In 2007 we have become member of the European Police Union (EPU) because the European integration cannot be stopped, so the establishment of European cooperation between various nationalities of police services has become a necessity.  Recently this year, president of our union Mr. Veljko Mijailovic was elected as Deputy General Secretary of the EPU and he is strongly committed to the creation and improvement of a social security for police officers in Serbia.

We are promoting the positive role of the police profession, not only in Serbia but the whole world!


Life of Serbian citizens, especially police officers was marked by the consequences of all the bad that happened to us in the region for the last twenty years. Deep social trauma that lasts two  decades and that continues.

Coefficients increase, paid night work, public holidays and weekends, as announced in the systematization of the Serbian Ministry of Interior remained an illusion, and a failed promise, while the difficult material situation of police officers and the lack of elementary conditions for performing regular duties is ongoing even today.


We must stand in the way the cruel and unjust methods of evaluation, violation of fundamental rights guaranteed by the Law of work, and come to defend their own dignity, in order to once and for all rid deserved epithets corrupt officials and to achieve this long-anticipated goal.  To achieve better organization of work, overtime payment in accordance with the law, and treatment of equivalent exposure risks that our job entails, requires genuine cooperation with the Ministry, based on the principles of two-way communication, communication between an employer and a strong union, police union of Serbia union employees in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

The staff of the police union is required to be dedication to fight for their rights, with a tendency to be a social partner with the employer.



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